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Living Insurance

Coverage for all your most important caretaker needs

Final Expense Insurance

Coverage to make your last days easy days. Allow your loved ones to celebrate your life instead of trying to figure out how to afford final arrangements.  


We help you get the care you need and the coverage to receive all the medical attention required. 

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Call us any time to help you figure out any issues with your health, life and final expense insurance policy. 

Call us today for help with your final expenses. We will help you live easy knowing that your final expenses will be covered. 

We are here to provide support for your final days. Not all life insurance policies cover final expense. Call us today to see how we can help you make you final days easier and simpler.


Our mission is to provide the best service.

At heavenscrossing.com our goal is to provide the best support. It isn’t easy thinking about your last days but its a reality we all have to face. Is your family ready for those your final expenses or will you take the initiative to ensure you have your last days covered?

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We can provide final support for your and your family.
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